Conversion, Commission, and Citizenship

Sep 10, 2023    Daniel Englehart

Today as we continue in our journey through the story of Acts we consider Paul's defense to the crowd in the Jerusalem temple. Paul tells the story of his life before Jesus, his encounter with Jesus and conversion to Christianity, and his commission as a witness of Jesus. Paul is also protected by his Roman citizenship before he's interrogated with the scourge. It's a story that invites us to reflect on our conversion, commission, and citizenship. Like Paul, all followers of Jesus have come to know Him by grace. His call and offer to us in an undeserved gift. As we are gripped by the grace of God, we're motivated and compelled to respond with grace in the midst of opposition, accusation, and anger. In Christ, followers of Jesus are given something far greater than protection, comfort, and confidence in Roman citizenship. By grace, Christians have received a citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. It's not something we could buy, are born into, or are awarded for our hard work. We receive it by faith. May God give us grace to be reminded of his love for us, reminded of his grace in our lives as we consider our conversions, see his grace at work in his call on our lives, and as we learn to become who we are - citizens of the world that is to come.