The Mountain Church is supported financially by the sacrificial generosity of others. We believe joyful generosity is the response of an individual who has experienced the generous grace of God in Jesus. The gospel transforms an individual to worship God through giving freely, not out of guilt or obligation. We do not ask our guests to give, but rather ask that they consider connecting with us through the Contact Us form so that we may know how to pray for and serve them further. Choosing to give financially helps support the church, those in need in our community, the organizations and ministries we partner with, and other churches seeking to advance the gospel.     

If you would like to make a donation online, click the "Make A Donation" link which will direct you to our online donation form. While giving through credit and debit cards are simple and convenient, please note the following fees. 

Bank Account (ACH) Fee Per Transaction: 1% + 39¢ (this payment type has the lowest fees)

Credit/Debit Card Fee Per Transaction: 2% + 39¢