Removing Assumption and Resting in Assurance

Sep 3, 2023    Daniel Englehart

As we continue in our study through the book of Acts, this week we look at the riot in the temple in Jerusalem in Acts 21:27-36. In the text we see some Jews from the province of Asia supposed that Paul had brought a Gentile into the temple. They accuse Paul that he is against "our people, our law, and this place." The whole crowd is stirred up against Paul and he has to be escorted out of the temple by Roman soldiers.

This story shows the danger of assumptions. We see a pattern of assumption, accusation, and anger leading to violence and destruction in the text. Instead of making assumptions, followers of Jesus have been given something far greater - assurance. Christians have assurance of God's love, presence, and future glory, based on the finished work of Jesus in the gospel. The one being in the universe who could accuse us without any error, lie, or discrepancy, didn't, but accused his own son in our place. He wasn't moved in anger to seek violence and death, he was moved in love to bring forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption, and restoration.

The way of destruction is assumption, accusation and anger. The way of Jesus is admitting our weaknesses and limitations, asking for help, admiring the love of God, and assuredness. We don't seek to assume, but ask questions, seek understanding, enter the world of others, and bring the person and work of Jesus to bear in all of life.