Rescued from Death

Sep 24, 2023    Daniel Englehart

This morning as we continue in our study through the book of Acts, we consider a story about a plot made to kill Paul, his rescue from their conspiracy, and journey to Felix the Governor. Our passage this morning could be broken up into three sections, or headings - the resolve, the rescue, and the ride.

In Acts 23:12-35 we see a picture of the gospel. Like Paul, we have an enemy, resolved to kill us. He's set on stealing, killing, and destroying. Yet like Paul, we were shown kindness. We have been rescued from the conspiracy of death, not by anything we had done. In light of our rescue from death by grace, we get to enjoy the ride knowing that our God will continually supply all that we need. We are dependent upon his grace and mercy. As we are reminded of our rescue we are moved to thanksgiving and joy.