The Journey to Jerusalem

Aug 27, 2023    Daniel Englehart

This week as we continue in our study through the book of Acts we look at the story of Paul going to Jerusalem and visiting James in Acts 21:1-26. On the journey to Jerusalem, Paul is:

1) Resolved in the Spirit

2) Ready not only to suffer, but to die of rote name of the Lord Jesus

3) Recognizing God is the source and supply of his ministry

Like Paul, we are all on the way to a type of Jerusalem. Suffering and death is an inevitable part of life. Following Jesus doesn't negate suffering, but helps us make sense of it, and is part of God's designed process for making us more like Jesus. Suffering is part of the process in following Jesus. Jesus bids his followers to come and die, but promises resurrected and abundant life. The way of Jesus culminates in the everlasting joy of communion with God. We can experience glimpses and experiences of this abundant joy in the world that is, but we set our hope on what comes after death. We pray on our journey to Jerusalem we are resolved to follow Jesus, ready to suffer, and recognizing God's grace and work in our lives.