Righteousness, Self-Control, and Coming Judgement

Oct 1, 2023    Daniel Englehart

As we continue in our study through the book of Acts, we come to the story of Paul before Felix at Caesarea. The high priest, Ananias, with the elders and a spokesman lay before the governor their case against Paul. Paul then cheerfully makes his defense. Felix adjourns the hearings until Lysias can come to Caesarea for a decision to be made. As Paul is kept in custody, he has a conversation with Felix and his wife, Drusilla, about faith in Jesus. As Paul reasoned about righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgement, Felix was alarmed and afraid.

While these topics alarm the Roman Governor, and these concepts are often dismissed and taken offense to today, righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgement are sweet realities with faith in Jesus. Justification, or being declared righteous in God's sight is by faith in Jesus. Self-control is a gift of faith, cultivated by a growing faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus brings a confident expectation and joyful anticipation of coming judgment. When Jesus returns, all wrongs will be righted, and all that has been affected and infected by sin and self-centeredness will be dealt with.