We're Glad you're Here

The Mountain Church is a church for the skeptic, curious, and committed. We are made up of individuals, couples, and families who live in the following communities and cities: Des Moines, SeaTac, and Burien. We believe the gospel, (the message about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection) is good news of great joy for all people. We desire to be a community in which this message about Jesus is central and functional in our lives. By God's grace, we aim to follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus. 

Join us at Jesus Christ Salt and Light Church for our worship gatherings Sunday night at 4:00pm. The address of the church building is 21400 International Blvd Suite 101, SeaTac, WA 98198. If you're unable to join in person, you can join our livestream on YouTube or Facebook.


We believe that Jesus, His person, work, and teaching, is the answer, and only source of hope and joy in the world that is. We believe His life, death, and resurrection has life changing implications and applications. This message about the person and work of Jesus, called the gospel, is central to The Mountain Church.  We are founded, sustained, and motivated by the gospel. The gospel is what sets the Christian faith apart from other religions. We believe the gospel brings true freedom, humility, joy, and confidence. We desire that all people understand and believe the gospel. If you have questions related to the gospel please reach out to us using our Contact Us form and we will get back to you soon!


The gospel enables us to welcome all people, including those who don’t share our beliefs. We welcome the skeptics, the curious, and the disenfranchised. We invite you to join us as we explore the person and work of Jesus and examine the comprehensive claims that the gospel has on our lives. If you desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, wrestle through doubts you may have about the claims of Christianity, meet with one of our leaders, or visit our worship gathering please Contact Us