Plans and Profits

Feb 25, 2024    Daniel Englehart

This morning as we continue in our study through the book of James, we consider James 4:13-17. James corrects a decision making, planning, and preparation that does not take into account the will and plan of God.

We see the problems with plans, the providence of God, and the proper posture of plans. Followers of Jesus are to consider planning in its rightful place in regards to the providence and sovereignty of God. Making goals and plans for profit apart from the providence and will of God, reveal our pride. If we assume incommunicable attributes of God, we are forgetting our place before God and who we are as His creatures. We pray that God would give us grace to humble ourselves and not boast in our arrogance. By His grace, we seek to live, plan, and make decisions with reference, regard, and rest in the providence of God.