Wisdom for Wholeness

Jan 7, 2024    Daniel Englehart

This week we begin a new study through the book of James. James 1 shows us that wholeness comes from whole-hearted trust in God through trials.

This trust in God looks like having joy in trials and troubles. It reveals itself in prayer to the God who generously gives without reproach. Trust in God looks like boasting in our status before God in comparison to the standards to the world that is. Whole-hearted trust in God looks like trusting in God's goodness, His intentions, and His promise about our future. It looks like taming the tongue, treasuring the gospel, and continuing in it. Finally, it looks like caring what about God cares about, the least of these. You want to be a person of character and virtue. You're refusing to let the world around you, corrupt you.

God wants His people to be whole. He wants them to be people of honesty, virtue, and integrity. He's in the process of taking hypocrites, disjointed, and incomplete people and making them whole.