This Is What Jesus Overcame
March 30th, 2024
In the second year of my undergrad studies my roommate came in one day and said a peer in her class had unexpectedly died after a short illness. He was our same age, just 21 years old. He was a part o...  Read More
Formation Prayers and Scripture Meditation
December 12th, 2023
Formation Prayers and Scripture MeditationIn my endeavors to grow in personal spiritual formation and to help my daughters grow in praying and applying God's Word, I've come across these two helpful a...  Read More
Nail Your Colors to the Mast
September 19th, 2023
Over a decade ago, I heard an elderly British gentleman by the name of Stuart Briscoe speaksome very influential words at Capernwray Bible School in northern England. When he was ayoung recruit in the...  Read More
Where You Find Your Value Has More To Do With Your Anxiety Than You Think
September 12th, 2023
For the past 50 years the field of psychology has significantly influenced our understanding of anxiety.  It was in the 1980s that the American Psychological Association coined the term “anxiety disor...  Read More
My Morning Routine
August 23rd, 2023
I am a morning person. Assuming I have gotten adequate sleep, I wake up  feeling energized, anticipating the day’s events, and clear headed. I have learned,  especially in recent years, how important ...  Read More
Endeavoring to Edify
August 21st, 2023
Welcome to our church blog! Followers of Jesus are called to encourage one another. We are instructed to give grace to those who hear. We are called to teach and edify one another. One of the ways th...  Read More