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Serve teams

Listed below are the organizations we serve and if you'd like to get involved, the contact information of those who lead: 

  • Des Moines Food bank

    We serve at the Des Moines Food Bank to deliver meals to individuals, couples, and families who can't make it to the food bank. For more information or to get involved in this service opportunity, please reach out to Phil and Melody Damron at pmdamron@comcast.net. 

  • Lighthouse Family ministries

    Lighthouse exists to break the cycle of domestic abuse one relationship at a time by providing housing and resources for families who have experienced domestic abuse. We partner with Lighthouse to serve the women and their families and support the mission and values of Lighthouse Family Ministries. Specifically, we do yard work, house projects, and deliver meals to the families at their transitional home. For more information or to get involved with serving Lighthouse Family Ministries, email Peter Jovanovich at peter@themountainchurch.org